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Complete Honest Review of Rowenta DW2459

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Introduction To The Rowenta DW2459 Steam Iron

Despite having an extensive array of irons on the market, Rowenta has managed to carve out a distinctive niche for itself.

Originating in Germany, this brand boasts a long-standing reputation built on over 100 years of meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.

This steadfast commitment to innovation coupled with an exceptional knack for durability, functionality, and design excellence sets Rowenta apart.

Move over subpar ironing tools—there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with stubborn wrinkles when you’re trying to present your best self.

Say hello to the Rowenta DW2459 Access Steam Iron!

A true embodiment of Rowenta’s superior standard, this steam iron is weaved with advanced features engineered to bring usability and efficiency into your laundry routine.

In this review, we’ll delve deep into everything you need to know about the Rowenta DW2459 – its standout features, performance level, ease of use, cost considerations, and much more – to help you make an informed decision.

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Features of Rowenta DW 2459

In this section, let’s dig deep into the features of the Rowenta DW2459. It’s more than just a house appliance; it’s a tool designed to make our lives easier in ways we’ll walk through.

General Description and Technical aspects

i) Design and Dimensions: The Rowenta DW2459 might seem like an average iron at first glance, but a closer look reveals its unique design elements. Sleek and compact, this model measures approximately 11.5 x 4.8 x 5.7 inches, fitting snugly in your hand and allowing easy maneuverability on the ironing board.

ii) Power specification: This iron is not for figuring out riddles – it gets down to business with an impressive power output of 1725 watts. You can bet that wrinkles don’t stand a chance against her steamy blow.

Unique selling points

i) Stainless Steel Soleplate with precision tip: Now, what really sets the Rowenta DW2459 apart is its stainless steel soleplate featuring over 350 steam holes—not your average ‘sole-mate’ right? That’s not all; combined with its meticulously crafted precision tip, reaching tricky areas on garments becomes more manageable than trying to find the end of a rainbow.

ii) Auto-steam thermostat: Picture this–you no longer have to guess which temperature works best for which fabric type. Thanks to the innovative auto-steam thermostat feature, setting heat levels becomes as simple as ABC!

iii) Vertical steam mechanism: Imagine hanging your clothes straight from the washer, streaming them clean vertically—no need for an additional ironing board session. Might sound like magic, but it’s simply the Rowenta DW2459’s vertical steam mechanism at work! This stellar function lets you iron hanging curtains or clothes easily.

iv) Anti-drip system & self-clean function: It’s no news that life can get messy, but this shouldn’t apply to your ironing process. Kissing goodbye to the nasty stains caused by water droplets is possible with Rowenta DW2459’s anti-drip system. Plus, it also boasts a self-clean feature. This feature allows you to easily maintain your iron for long periods of utility while ensuring you always have clean steam for each use.

Now you can see why the Rowenta DW2459 might be more than just an iron—it’s a lifestyle improvement tool! So next time you grab your iron remember – it’s not a chore if it comes easy!


Performance & Efficiency

Heat-up time

The Rowenta DW2459 gets to work quickly, with an incredibly rapid heat-up time that won’t keep you waiting. One of the things users love is how it reaches the desired temperature in less than a minute—a real game-changer for last-minute ironing sessions!

Ironing tests – different types of clothes/fabrics

When it comes to versatility, the Rowenta DW2459 stands tall as it gracefully handles different types of fabrics with ease. Its ironing performance on cotton and linen shirts is exceptional, leaving them smooth and crisp in just one or two passes.

For tougher wrinkles on heavier fabrics like denim or even delicate ones such as silk, this steam iron doesn’t back down either! With proper steam and temperature settings, your denims will have a neat appearance while your luxurious silk dresses won’t risk being burnt or damaged.

Efficiency in removing wrinkles

Rowenta DW2459 stands out when it comes to removing stubborn wrinkles. It’s equipped with 1725 watts of power which gives you a high-precision tip for hard-to-reach areas around buttons or collars and ensures efficient wrinkle removal even on toughest garments.

Whether you’re ironing pleats or flattening creases on thick fabric layers, this iron achieves impressive results without requiring many passes. Thanks to its powerful steam distribution system, it penetrates fabrics deeply yet gently—a huge plus if you’ve got a pile waiting.

User experience

One thing about Rowenta DW2459 that has significantly enhanced user peace-of-mind is the feature of Auto Shutoff. If left untouched, the unit shuts off after 8 minutes when vertical and 30 seconds when horizontal or tipped over—an excellent safety feature that guards against potential fire hazards.

This feature combined with other sophisticated functionalities like a comfortable handle grip and easy-to-understand settings contributes to an overall user-friendly experience. Even those who aren’t well-versed with ironing find this unit intuitive to operate.

Pros & Cons of Rowenta DW2459

A standout product like the Rowenta DW2459 surely has a plethora of perks which perhaps contribute to its popular demand among consumers. However, while this iron clearly has many advantages, it’s only fair and objective to evaluate its downsides too. Let’s dive into both aspects.


  1. Superior Steam Distribution: The star feature of this iron is undoubtedly excellent steam distribution. Equipped with 1725 watts power, the device ensures maximum steam output for efficient ironing. It features an advanced steam force technology that pushes up to 30% more steam into fabrics for rapid crease removal.
  2. Stainless Steel Soleplate: Not only is it robust and sturdy, but the stainless steel soleplate also glides smoothly over different types of fabrics — from delicate silks to heavy cottons— ensuring that no piece of clothing proves to be a challenge.
  3. Auto-Off Function: One can’t appreciate enough about its intelligent auto-off function! If left unmoved – it turns off after 8 minutes in the vertical position or 30 seconds in horizontal one – adding an extra layer of safety and reducing worries about potential fire hazards.
  4. Easy To Use: With easily adjustable settings, filling reservoir conveniently located under the handle and a comfortable grip- this iron promises an enjoyably seamless ironing experience.


While there’s much rave about Rowenta DW2459, some aspects could be better:

  1. Weight: It’s slightly heavier compared to other models on the market, which might make handling tricky for some users over extended periods.
  2. No Anti-Calcium System: Unlike some other competitors, this model does not have an anti-calcium system which could lead to build-up affecting its performance in regions with hard water supply.

Comparisons (Side by Side)

When it comes to ironing, consumers around the world recognize Rowenta’s class-leading products. So, let’s dive right in and see how Rowenta DW2459 compares with similar models from not only within the same brand but also against its competitors.

Comparing with Similar Models

Starting off with Chi steam iron, this model and Rowenta DW2459 share several common features like retractable cord systems and easy-to-use controls. However, where the Rowenta DW2459 pulls ahead is in power output, which stands at an impressive 1725 watts compared to Chi’s 1700 watts, guaranteeing you faster heat-up time and more effective wrinkle removal.

Moving forward to PowerXL – this unit indeed holds true to its name offering powerful steaming capabilities. But it weighs a tad bit more than the sleeker designed DW2459. This might make maneuvering the iron less comfortable, especially during longer ironing sessions.


Comparison to Competitor Brands

Against competitor brands in the market such as Black+Decker, Sunbeam, and Panasonic – the Rowenta again makes a strong case for itself.

Coming to Black+Decker irons, while these models are generally more budget-friendly than the Rowenta series, one area where they just can’t compete is built quality. The DW2459 has superior build materials which lead to long-lasting durability – ensuring that your investment lasts for years.

In contrast with Sunbeam irons: they offer user-friendly interface; however, if variable steam control matters most to you then you’d find the precision of DW2459 a perfect delight.

Lastly, Panasonic irons boast about their cordless designs. While that’s an appealing feature for many, the trade-off often comes at a cost of decreased steam output, something you won’t have to compromise on with the Rowenta DW2459.

In summary, stacked against similar models and brands, Rowenta DW2459 appears to stand its ground quite impressively. Its blend of performance and ease-of-use extend beyond the ordinary bells and whistles seen in typical irons out there offering real value for your hard-earned money.

Section VII: Customer Feedback & Reviews

When it comes to understanding the true strengths and weaknesses of a product, few resources are as invaluable as customer reviews. The Rowenta DW2459 has garnered an array of reviews that span from extremely satisfied to some dissatisfied customers.

Satisfied customers consistently praise the excellent steam output which effectively eradicates wrinkles, with many commenting it’s like having a “professional iron at home.” They appreciated its weight – not too light and not too hefty – noting that it adds to the overall pristinely ironed end-product. Plus, they loved the simplicity of use and how it made even ironing feel less of chore.

But no product is perfect and the Rowenta DW2459 isn’t an exception. Some disgruntled users pointed issue with durability, reporting their unit ceased properly functioning within several uses. However, such cases seem sparse in comparison to the sea of positive feedback.

Experts’ opinion virtually mirrors that of users; they acknowledge the impressive steam generation, ease-of-use and comfort in handling Rowenta DW2459, making it one excellent specimen for daily needs or professional endeavors alike.


  1. What type of water can be used in Rowenta DW2459?
    You may use tap water in your Rowenta DW2459 unless it is very hard water. Alternatively, you can use distilled or de-mineralized water mixed 50/50 with tap water.
  2. Does this model have Auto Shut-Off feature?
    Yes, it does! The Rowenta DW2459 includes a safety shut-off feature that will turn off after 8 minutes if left vertical or 30 seconds if left horizontal or tipped over.
  3. What is the capacity of the water tank?
    It holds approximately 8 ounces (240 milliliters) of water.
  4. Is there a warranty?
    Yes, Rowenta offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the DW2459 model.
  5. How is the steam control on Rowenta DW2459?
    Steam control on this model is excellent. It has options for variable steam and a burst of steam feature which helps you tailor your ironing based on different types of fabrics and needs.
  6. Is it suitable for use with delicate fabrics?
    Absolutely! With its adjustable heat settings, Rowenta DW2459 can safely be used with a wide range of fabric types, including delicate ones like silk or lace.
  7. Does it have a self-cleaning system?
    Yes, it does. The anti-calcium system in the Rowenta DW2459 helps to reduce mineral build-up maintaining swift performance and prolonging the life of the iron.
  8. Can it be used vertically for steaming hanging clothes or curtains?
    Indeed! The vertical steam feature of Rowenta DW2459 removes wrinkles effectively not just from clothes but also drapes or hanging garments without having to remove them from hangers.


Price-to-value ratio: The Rowenta DW2459 provides excellent value at its price point. It is equipped with features that streamline your ironing tasks and make them feel less of a chore – an investment worth every single dollar for both everyday users and professionals alike.

Who will benefit most from this product?
Everyone who has regular ironing needs! Be it a homemaker who wants to keep their family clothes crisp or someone offering professional services, everyone stands to gain from the powerful steam output and the user-friendly design offered by the Rowenta DW2459.

Verdict – Should you buy it?
Looking at the overwhelming positive feedback, the features which outshine many pricier irons and striking a balance between performance and price – yes, we’d absolutely recommend the Rowenta DW2459. However, remember to consider all factors including your personal preferences and needs before making any purchasing decision.


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