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Power Xl Cordless Iron Review in 2020

Power XL Iron

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Power XL Iron and Steamer Review

The kind of outfit you decide to put on speaks volumes about your personality in today’s world.

Wearing a creased shirt to an interview is a big no, and may cause the interviewer to reject you… it probably should cause the interviewer to reject you.

With the PowerXL Cordless Steam Iron, you can now iron away all of your worries.

The Power XL Iron is eyecatching, lightweight, and extremely portable.

The soleplate is ceramic and well-polished preventing any kind of obstruction and allows the iron to glide smoothly on the surface of all materials.

The iron is also equipped with a precision tip, which makes it easy to reach spots that might otherwise be hard to iron.

When you reposition your clothing whilst ironing the iron locks itself into the base and reheats itself.

Power XL cordless base
Power XL charging unit

A perfect amalgamation of utility and style, this cordless Power XL iron is one of the best steam irons that are available on the market in 2020.

Once you bring the cordless Power XL iron and steamer home, you will no longer have to worry about getting near a plug socket.

Get ready for a hassle-free, cordless experience!

Main Features of the Power XL Cordless Iron Review:

  • The Power XL iron has a precision tip that offers pinpoint accuracy.
  • It offers wireless freedom.
  • It has an impressive steam burst function.
  • The XL iron has a super-fast heating facility.
  • There is a feature that allows temperature and steam control facilities.
  • It takes only 8 seconds to recharge to full heat.
  • It can double up as a decent clothes steamer.

The Best of Ironing and Steaming with Power XL Cordless Iron

The team at Power XL has designed a steam iron keeping in mind both the ironing and streaming needs of an individual.

If you go through a number of Power XL Reviews, you will come to know that the device offers fantastic dual functionality.

The Power XL Iron has a dial. When you decide to use the device for ironing, you can regulate the heat with the help of the dial.

If you want to spray water on the cloth that you are ironing, you use the black steam button that is present on the handle of the iron. 

To steam a cloth using this device, you have to position the iron vertically. A trigger is present under the handle of the iron, which is used to spray steam on different items such as stuffed toys, bedsheets, curtains, and so on.

Power XL Steamer

The steam on the Powerxl iron is strong enough to blow out 12 candles in a row, this helps to keep fabrics wrinkle-free

The iron is extremely lightweight, the cordless function makes it portable enough so you can carry it anywhere without the risk of tripping over wires.

With its wide range of benefits, this is one of the best iron and steamers that every household should own. 

Hassle-free Ironing and Steaming 

Are you scared of ironing or steaming your delicate fabrics?

Fear no more with the Power XL Cordless iron, as it is blessed with a ceramic soleplate that comes with ion technology.

The ceramic soleplate offers easy gliding on the surface of your clothes that you are ironing.

The soleplate also retains heat for longer periods of time while providing ultimate protection to fabrics that are heavy or delicate.

The tip of the soleplate is tapered to allow easy ironing in thin spaces like on the collars, between buttons, and so on. 

The Power XL Iron also has provisions for self-cleaning and the anti-drip facility also prevents the leaking of water while ironing at lower temperatures.

The steam burst function has such high intensity and multiple steam release points that this steam iron will smooth the wrinkles from your fabric in absolutely no time!

The best thing about this iron and steamer is that it works not only on clothes but also on drapes without actually taking them down.

All one has to do is tilt the iron in a vertical position, and the device will take care of the rest on its own. 

Battery Life of the Power XL Iron 

The Power XL cordless iron and steamers battery life is another striking feature of the device.

Alongside being lightweight, cordless, and easy to use, the device also has a great ability to retain a charge.

Once you charge the device for 15-20 minutes, it can be used for approximately 15-20 minutes, but you can keep putting the iron back on its base to keep a charge when you’re not actually ironing.

However, you can use for even more time on lighter materials that do not drain as much battery. 

The instructions mention that for the most effective results, the iron has to be fully charged.

The Power XL steam iron reviews across the internet state that the iron will deliver the best results during the first 4-5 minutes as that is when the device retains the optimum amount of heat.

If you iron heavy fabric, the heat will last for less time but don’t worry, the best part is that the iron if placed back on its stand for charging will recharge within seconds!

Power XL Iron and Steamer

The iron works so well that you can get wrinkle-free clothes in just one glide!

Ease of Use

Ironing and steaming have never been easier thanks to the Powerxl iron and steamer.

The device is portable and extremely easy to use.

As has already been mentioned above, the device can easily steam fabrics from a vertical position, simply by tilting the iron and pressing the steam button, one can easily achieve wrinkle-free clothes in absolutely no time.

Almost all the Power XL iron and steamer reviews sing praises of its efficiency. 

With this device, you will not only keep your concerns about stressful ironing and steaming at bay, but will also keep your ironing pile down!

It is now easier and much more convenient to have professional-quality ironing at home.

You no longer have to worry about the limits of the electrical cord attached to the iron, or tangling the wire.

Go cordless, live smart!  

Value for money

Could you imagine such a capable iron at a reasonable price?

Well, yes the Power XL iron and steamer is an excellent iron that costs cheaper than most of the average irons in the market despite providing one of the most professional services you could ever come across.

I was extremely surprised with the results.

Power XL iron review


  • The Power XL iron and steamer comes with an auto shut off system where the power supply always get cut after the completion of the heating.
  • The iron comes with a smooth ceramic base for soft fabric ironing.
  • It has a 200 ml water jug for steaming capacity.
  • The steamer has got anti-calc and anti-drip features for the convenience of the customer.
  • The temperature dial helps in handling the iron at ease.
  • It is lightweight and you can carry it easily around.


  • The heat does not remain constant in the Power xl iron for the whole charge.
  • It requires constant charging in some cases.
  • It can take 15 minutes to charge.


  • Product name: B083G3CXPM Cordless Iron and Steamer
  • Product Brand: Power XL
  • Weight: 63 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 43 x 8.94 x 7.32 inches
  • Power: 1400 Watt
  • Water Tank Capacity: 200 ml
  • Auto-shutoff: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year


Is the Power XL iron and steamer any good?
Yes, the Power XL iron is extremely beneficial and is an ideal choice for those who are looking for the perfect iron to make their clothes and other fabrics wrinkle-free.

The Power XL Iron functions with the help of switches and dials, which makes pressing and ironing easy for everyone.

This is also a great haul for people who prefer traveling. 

That is my Power XL steam iron review after I had tested one for several hours.


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