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The Best Rowenta Steamers Reviewed in 2023

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Rowenta Steamer Reviews Introduction

Welcome to my comprehensive guide where I analyze and review the best Rowenta steamers on the market. As a clothing and fabric enthusiast, I understand the importance of having wrinkle-free, well-pressed clothes and fabric, and the role a good steamer plays in achieving this.

Getting the right steamer can be confusing, with lots of considerations to make before settling on the ideal choice.

And that’s why I’ve come up with this detailed yet concise review to help you navigate the various options available when it comes to Rowenta, a renowned brand that leads the pack when it comes to steamers.

I recently reviewed the Rowenta Perfect Steam Pro DG8624 which I found to be a fabulous ironing machine.

This detailed guide will explore the key features, benefits, and downsides of the best Rowenta steamers.

Using real-life experiences and extensive research, I aim to provide you with well-informed advice that can help you make a decision suitable for your needs.

Whether you’re seeking a steamer for quick touch-ups or one for heavy-duty steaming tasks, I guarantee that after reading this review, you’ll be confident in choosing the perfect Rowenta steamer tailored for you.

RankProductReview Score
1.Rowenta Master Valet IS630095%Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 SteamerUntitled design (1)
2. Rowenta Steam Force DW928092%Rowenta Master 360 SteamerUntitled design (1)
3.Rowenta IS620288%Rowenta IS6202 SteamerUntitled design (1)
4.Rowenta GS602083%Rowenta GS6020 SteamerUntitled design (1)

So, strap in for a journey of discovery as we unravel the intricacies and highlights of the top models, diving deep into individual product reviews, essential criteria to consider before purchasing, and handy tips to optimize your steamer’s performance.

Steamer vs Iron review here.

With every review, I will strive to give often overlooked details, cover all relevant aspects, and highlight what makes each individual Rowenta steamer stand out from the rest.

Having spent a considerable amount of time studying and testing these steamers, I’m confident that my guide will give you a clearer perspective that goes beyond just product specifications, focusing on genuine user experiences and practical comfort.

After all, the ideal steamer should not only meet your steaming needs but also fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

So, whether you’re a professional tailor, a homemaker ensuring your family always looks their best, or someone who simply loves clean, crisp clothes—I’ve got you covered.

Let’s find your perfect match in my review of the best Rowenta steamers.

Stay with me as we explore, and you might just find that perfect Rowenta steamer you’ve been searching for.

Let the steaming revolution begin!

4. Rowenta GS6020 Steamer
  • Rowenta GS6020 Steamer - 83%


Rowenta GS6020 Steamer

For anyone in search of a high-quality, durable, and efficient steamer, the Rowenta GS6020 Compact Valet Full Size Garment, and Fabric Steamer should be on top of their list. Known for its impeccable brand reputation and superior steaming power, this model encapsulates all that the Rowenta brand represents – innovation, function, and style.

Impressive Steaming Power

At the heart of the Rowenta GS6020 Compact Valet is a profound steaming performance that comes from its 1550-watt power. It ensures wrinkles and creases are easily removed from all types of fabrics, from the sturdiest of denims to the most delicate of silks. The unit heats up in just 60 seconds, allowing for speedy preparations and less waiting time.

Superb Capacity, Long Usage Time

What stands out with this Rowenta model is its large two-liter water tank capacity. This gives approximately one hour of uninterrupted steaming, providing convenience for sizeable tasks and minimizing the need for frequent refills. It’s a valuable time and effort saver, particularly when dealing with large curtains, beddings, or batches of clothing.

Rowenta GS6020 Steamer

Versatile Accessories for All-around Flexibility

The Rowenta GS6020 shines with its range of versatile accessories designed to meet diverse steaming needs. It includes a fabric brush for deep steam penetration, a lint pad for perfect finish, and a steam bonnet for delicate fabrics. These thoughtful add-ons ensure that each steaming task is as effortless as it could be, regardless of fabric type or volume.

User-friendly Design

This steamer features a ‘Stay Cool’ handle and a flexible fabric hose, both designed for comfortable, long-duration use. Its large back wheels and integrated hanger make the unit easy to move and store. Additionally, the on/off switch with an indicator light provides intuitive operation.

Compact Yet Packed

Despite its full-size performance, this Rowenta steamer maintains a compact appearance, making it suitable for small spaces and easy storage. You get all the power and functions found in larger models, but within a smaller and more manageable design.

Summing Up

All things considered, the Rowenta GS6020 Compact Valet Full Size Garment, and Fabric Steamer offers a wonderful combination of power, functionality, and design. Its powerful steaming action, large water tank, and versatile accessories make it a worthy investment for a wrinkle-free, perfectly pressed wardrobe. Understandably, it’s safely a top contender for the best Rowenta steamer in the market.


  • High Steaming Power: With its 1550-wattage, it provides an exceptional performance, eliminating wrinkles and creases effortlessly.
  • Large Water Capacity: The 2-liter water tank allows approximately an hour’s usage before needing a refill.
  • Quality Accessories: Fabric brush, lint pad, and steam bonnet are included, allowing for deep and efficient steaming across various types of fabrics.
  • User-friendly Design: The easy-to-use ‘Stay Cool’ handle, integrated hanger, and large back wheels simplify operation and movement of the steamer.
  • Compact Size: It is an ideally sized appliance that is perfect for homes with small spaces – a full-size functionality packed in a compact design.


  • Cost: With high-end features and prestigious branding, the Rowenta GS6020 Compact Valet comes at a relatively high price point, which may not be suitable for all budgets.
  • Storage for Accessories: While it has a variety of accessories, there is no dedicated storage space for them.
  • Weight: Although compact, it is heavier when compared to some portable steamers in the market. Moving it around might be slightly inconvenient when the water tank is full.
3. Rowenta IS6202 Steamer
  • Rowenta IS6202 Steamer - 88%


Rowenta IS6202 Steamer

The Rowenta IS6202 Partner of Fashion Full-Size Garment Steamer is a leading product in the Rowenta line that offers superior technological innovation and performance. Its sleek and compact design does not only provide aesthetic appeal but also savvy functionality.

Key Features and Benefits

Large Water Tank Capacity

With a large 81-ounce water tank, the Rowenta IS6202 steamer provides you with 1 hour of continuous steaming. It’s ideal for those with substantial steaming needs or large families.

Foot Operated On/Off Switch

Walking to and from the garment you’re steaming isn’t necessary with this model. Simply tap the foot-operated switch to control the power, leaving your hands free to manage your clothes or fabrics.

Telescopic Pole with Built-In Hanger

The IS6202 also includes a telescopic pole that adjusts to your preferred height, providing easy access and convenience. What’s more, the built-in hanger makes it easy to steam your clothing items without having to rummage around for a spare hanger or laying your clothes out flat.

Rowenta IS6202 Steamer

“Cool-Touch” Insulated Fabric Hose

The steamer has a “cool-touch” insulated hose to ensure that your hands are safe from burns as you go about your steaming tasks.

Minor Shortcomings

Though it is equipped with many great features, the Rowenta IS6202 isn’t without few downsides. It may take a while to heat up before it starts producing steam, which could impact your productivity if you’re in a rush. Additionally, some users reported that the hose could become stiff and awkward to manipulate after continuous use.

In conclusion, the Rowenta IS6202 is a reliable choice for home or professional use, offering a blend of larger steaming capacity and easy-to-use features. Even with the minor drawbacks mentioned, it still stands out as one of the finest Rowenta steamers available. It offers immense value for your money, promising to transform and elevate your fabric preparation process.


  • High Steaming Capacity:
    The Rowenta IS6202 has a generous 81-ounce tank that allows for up to 1 hour of continuous steaming, making this perfect for those with larger households or for those who operate a small fashion business.
  • Hands-Free Operation:
    Equipped with a foot-operated on/off switch, this steamer allows for hands-free operation, a feature that greatly enhances convenience.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Pole and Built-In Hanger:
    Its adjustable telescopic pole and built-in hanger make it easy to hang and steam your clothes at various heights and angles, giving you control and flexibility.
  • Cool-Touch Hose:
    The “cool-touch” hose ensures you’ll never have to worry about burns even with prolonged use.


  • Slow Heat-Up Time:
    Some users have reported that the IS6202 can take some time to heat up. This could delay your wrinkle-removing adventures, especially if you’re in a rush.
  • Hose May Become Stiff:
    Another minor issue reported by some customers is that the hose can become stiff and difficult to manipulate after continuous use. However, this seems to be a relatively infrequent complaint.
2. Rowenta Master 360 Steamer
  • Rowenta Master 360 Steamer - 92%


Rowenta Master 360 Steamer

The Rowenta Master 360 Garment Steamer is another top-notch product from the Rowenta lineup that’s worth considering. This product has gained popularity due to its distinct features, excellent performance, and high level of user convenience.

Key Features and Benefits

Rotating Clothes Hanger

The Rowenta Master 360 provides a unique, robust rotating clothes hanger to add convenience when steaming your clothes. This 360-degree rotation feature allows you to attend to your garments from all angles easily.

Strong Steam Output and Quick Heat-Up Timeb

This model offers a strong steam output that effortlessly removes even the deepest of wrinkles, thanks to its 1500 watt power. Its quick 45-second heat-up time is a great advantage for those who need to steam their clothes quickly, particularly if you’re in a rush or dealing with a hefty batch of laundry.

Large Water Tank

This steamer has been designed with a removable, large capacity 1-liter water tank that offers up to 1 hour of steaming without needing a refill.

Rowenta Master 360 Steamer

Flexibility and Reach

The tilt-and-roll system, combined with the steamer’s telescopic pole, provides fantastic flexibility and reach. It comes with a built-in hanger and clips making it easy to steam different types of garments.

Minor Shortcomings

On the downside, some users have reported durability issues over extended use, particularly with the hose. Also, the absence of a low water indicator can make it difficult to discern when a refill is needed.

In conclusion, the Rowenta Master 360 is a popular choice among shoppers and offers a great deal of functionality. Its innovative design and convenient features make it an ideal choice for both home and professional use.


  • Quick Heat-Up Time:
    Its fast 45-second heat-up time is a significant plus for those with a busy timetable.
  • Flexible and Easy to Use:
    With its tilt-and-roll system, telescopic pole and rotating hanger, this steamer offers terrific ease of use and flexibility.
  • Extended Steaming Time:
    With a 1-liter tank capacity, the Master 360 delivers up to 1 hour of continuous steaming.


  • Durability:
    Some users have reported that the hose can develop durability issues over time.
  • Lack of Water Level Indicator:
    The device does not have a low water indicator, so you have to manually check the water level.
1.Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Steamer
  • Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Steamer - 95%


Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Steamer

The Rowenta Master Valet IS6300, another flagship product from Rowenta, is well-known for its robust performance, unique design, ease of use, and fantastic add-ons. This full-sized garment steamer is meant to handle a wide variety of fabric types, making it essential for both household and professional use.

Key Features and Benefits

“Roll and Press” Vertical Support System

By far one of the most noteworthy features of the IS6300 steamer is its innovative “Roll and Press” vertical support, which provides a flat surface for garments to press against, facilitating the steaming process and giving better results.

Large Transparent Water Tank

The Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 also boasts a large 81-ounce transparent water tank allowing you to monitor the amount of water left. This huge tank capacity guarantees up to 1 hour of continuous steam.

Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 Steamer

Fast Heat Up and Strong Steam Output

With a power rating of 1550 watts, this model heats up in just 60 seconds and delivers powerful, consistent steam for efficient steaming.

Built-in Hanger and Garment Clips

To add to the device’s user-friendliness, it includes a built-in hanger and garment clips that hold your clothes in place while steaming.

Minor Shortcomings

One downside to this model is its hose, which doesn’t come with the “cool-touch” insulation found on other models. As such, the hose can feel slightly warm during extended use. Some users have also pointed out that the wheels are not pose as freely as they’d like, which may slightly hamper movement.


  • Roll and Press System: The innovative “Roll and Press” system is a standout feature, giving better results while steaming.
  • Fast Heat-Up Time: The quick 60-second heat-up time makes it convenient for those who require on-demand steaming.
  • Large Water Tank: An impressive 81-ounce water tank offers up to 1-hour of consistent steam, ideal for tackling large batches of laundry.


  • No “cool-touch” Hose: The hose is not insulated, and it may feel warm to touch during prolonged use.
  • Limited Mobility: Some users have reported that the wheels don’t rotate freely, slightly hampering the unit’s mobility.


Thank you for joining me on this in-depth exploration of the best Rowenta steamers.

I’ve taken great care to provide a comprehensive review that not only showcases the top models but also guides you through the key factors that make each one distinct.

From garments to drapes and upholstery, a high-quality steamer can make all the difference, and I sincerely hope that this guide has brought you one step closer to finding the perfect fit for your needs.

To sum up, Rowenta offers some of the most advanced, user-friendly, and efficient steamers in the market, each with its unique features and advantages.

Investing in a Rowenta steamer not only brings the magic of quick and effective wrinkle removal into your home but also offers the potential to revolutionize how you care for your garments.

So, take the next step and give your clothes the care they deserve.

Remember, this isn’t about getting just any steamer; it’s about finding the best Rowenta steamer for you – one that makes your life a little easier each day.

Ultimately, the best Rowenta steamer is one that suits your specific needs and preferences perfectly.

Here’s to flawless, wrinkle-free clothes every day! Happy steaming!

RankProductReview Score
1.Rowenta Master Valet IS630095%Rowenta Master Valet IS6300 SteamerUntitled design (1)
2. Rowenta Steam Force DW928092%Rowenta Master 360 SteamerUntitled design (1)
3.Rowenta IS620288%Rowenta IS6202 SteamerUntitled design (1)
4.Rowenta GS602083%Rowenta GS6020 SteamerUntitled design (1)

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