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Rowenta DW8061 Steam Iron Review

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Rowenta DW8061

Review of Rowenta DW8061

The Rowenta DW8061 is one of the less expensive models of Rowenta’s professional steam iron series which makes it a preferred choice for many and we can see why.

This DW8061 model of the steam iron series is more than enough for normal households since people generally don’t require professional ironing along with all of the fancy features.

The DW8061 shares many of its features with the Rowenta DW8080 and they are interchangeable with the only difference being the higher amount of micro-steam holes on the DW8080.

The Features of Rowenta DW8061:

The features offered by Rowenta for the iron model DW8061 are listed below:

  • 1715-watt power
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Precision tip
  • Extra-long steam burst
  • Vertical steam
  • 3-way auto shut-off
  • Anti-drip
  • Anti-calc
  • Large water tank
  • Size: 12.6″ x 5.7″ x 7″

The DW8061 has a highly-polished base featuring the micro-steam 330 stainless steel soleplate which helps the iron glide over-all clothing fabrics smoothly to ensure ironing efficiency.

The iron also provides an even steam distribution across the clothes with its 330 micro-steam holes in its soleplate.

All of the stubborn creases you have experienced in the past on your fabrics can be eased out by the powerful steam burst which is extra-long lasting, which is especially helpful with dry and thick fabrics.

The narrow tip of the iron helps detailed ironing with its precision shot.

Positioned on the tip of the soleplate, this concentrated shot even assures to reach the most difficult areas to make them look perfectly pressed.

The large water tank of 12.7 ounces holds enough water to reduce the constant refills you experience with low-quality irons, while the steam burst function even allows for impressive vertical steaming.

Rowenta DW8061 Steaming

When you use the Rowenta DW8061 at a low temperature, the anti-drip feature ensures there will be no leaks and the anti-calc system prevents the scale from affecting the iron’s execution and can even prolong the life of the iron.

The thermostat dial on the Rowenta DW8061 can be found beneath the ergonomic handle.

The changeable steam iron lever on the model can be pushed up to a no-steam option for dry ironing as steam ironing is available for heat at medium temperatures and higher.

The DW8061 Rowenta Professional Steam Iron is designed so that it can be used only with untreated tap water; therefore, you should strictly avoid using distilled water unless there is hard water in your area.

In the case of hard water, you should mix up the tap water and distilled water in 50-50 proportions to use with the steam iron.

Pros & Cons of the Rowenta Professional Iron:

The Rowenta DW8061 has many positive qualities which are listed below:

⦁ The DW8061 is also made in Germany similarly to the other top-rated models of the Rowenta like the Rowenta DW7180 Everlast Steam Iron. This fact is highly irrelevant to the pros of the model, but it helps in ensuring the customers that the quality of the iron is top-notch.
⦁ The 330 steam holes on the iron help in providing consistent and powerful steam which helps in keeping your fabrics in the right condition while ironing, and also offers wider coverage than most irons.
⦁ The pointed tip of the iron helps to iron inaccessible areas such as the pleats and around the buttons.
⦁ The Rowenta DW8061 iron, unlike cheap irons, provides very high efficiency and can reduce your ironing time by a big margin by getting rid of the wrinkles quickly & easily.
⦁ With a weight of around 3.5 lbs, the Rowenta DW8061 provides a solid feel in your hand while the weight helps keep the press down and creases out wrinkles, but the iron can feel a little heavy when filled with water.

Rowenta DW8061 Precision Tip

The Rowenta Professional Steam Iron also hosts quite a few weaknesses as compared to the other top-notch models:

⦁ The cord breaking at the joint has been an issue for a few people and to ensure that the cord stays strong, you need to be careful while using the iron and also while storing it so that not much force is put on the cord joint. If you are careful this won’t be a problem.
⦁ The water tank of the Rowenta Dw8061 is tinted dark which makes it a little difficult to check on the level of the water in the tank. A clear water tank is much more convenient to use which also helps to avoid overfilling. Not a massive problem.

Is the Rowenta DW8061 Iron Worth the Buy?

Rowenta is a very popular iron brand and is preferred by many for good reason.

While producing high-quality professional irons with top-of-the-line heat and steam output, the weight of the iron and its soleplate helps crease wrinkles while also providing a smooth gliding motion over all fabrics.

Rowenta is a fairly expensive brand and its top models do come at a higher cost than an average steam iron.

But for me, the performance and the durability of a Rowenta is going to be worth the money and that is exactly what I feel about the Rowenta DW8061.

Which is one of the more affordable Rowentas.

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At the end of the day, Rowenta irons after decades in the business are still one of the best professional iron brands available and their heat and steam output are extremely more efficient than their competitors which is the reason that even with some slight issues, people still rightfully choose the Rowenta irons as their go-to iron.

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