How to Close an Ironing Board

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Ironing Board Introduction

An ironing board is a very necessary household item, that you can’t really live without. 

The creation of ironing boards eliminated the need for ironing clothes on beds, tables or any hard surface you could find around the house.

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But before we learn how to close an ironing board let’s take a quick minute to learn the basics about this important household item. 

Ironing boards are a type of board with a flat surface used strictly for ironing clothes and keeping them flat. 

A flat and fine-textured metal base is usually covered with a decorative cover and a foam pad. 

Ironing board covers are often crafted from heat-resistant fabric. 

These covers are designed to captivate the attention of buyers but do improve the ironing experience as well.

The ironing foam is a quality pad with small vent holes allowing the steam to penetrate through to the clothes and then escape freely. 

It is for this reason that the steam coming from the iron does not burn you. 

The steam just goes through your clothes and through the foam pad and, eventually, into the air. 

Ironing boards have a rounded edge on one of its ends, this feature makes it easier for you to iron shirt sleeves and trouser legs. 

On the board’s other end, there can also be a heat-proof iron rest. 

Good ironing boards will usually have this, and the iron rest is big enough and strong enough to accommodate and hold heavy irons, making doing the ironing easier and way more convenient. 

Just make sure the iron rest is strong enough to hold your iron securely in place, especially if you have a heavy iron.

Closing Your Ironing Board

If you want to learn how to close your ironing board properly, these steps are going to guide you through the process. 

First, you need to find your board’s lever press, and this is usually on the underside of the board. 

In case your board has got two levers, press one lever then see what moves, if either of the legs moves, this is the one that needs to be pushed if you want to close your ironing board. 

If you want to fold the board to the floor, you need to do the following steps and be careful to not break your nails or trap your fingers during the process:

  • Put one hand on the lever and your other hand on the board’s opposite side 
  • Hold the other end of the ironing board carefully, particularly if this is your first attempt to close an ironing board 
  • You will need to press the lever slowly, and as you are pressing it; you must squat down to the floor and bring the board down in a very slow manner. Ensure that the ironing board is parallel or level with the floor while you are doing this
  • Lower the ironing board gently to the floor and make sure to move your feet out of the way. As soon as the ironing board is laid flat on the floor, the lever should be released. Have you ever noticed when the lever is being pressed, the legs tend to fold in and out? As soon as you stop pressing it, the legs become firm. 
  • At this point, you will need to raise the ironing board off the floor so the nose or the rounded part will be pointing upwards. 
  • You should hold the board firmly with your hand and make sure to secure its legs on the leg lock using your other hand
  • Upon doing all these, you have successfully folded your ironing board correctly

Check out this video to help you out more.

Tips on Closing Your Ironing Board

Regardless of the type or design of your ironing board, closing the board can sometimes be a frustrating experience, especially if you lack the proper know-how. 

Learning how to use levers and dealing with leg mounts and height adjustments can make the entire process of closing your ironing board a lot easier and less stressful.

Being able to close, fold, and store your ironing board properly also helps in keeping your home organized and clean, saving space, and hiding your ironing board until you’re ready to use it again. 

Here are some final tips on how to close an ironing board if you are still struggling:

  • Turn your ironing board in an upside-down manner. Fold your ironing board with its legs pointing in an upward position. Do this on a flat and stable surface. 
  • Look for the adjustment lever. This will be positioned in the spot where the legs anchor into the board. Using your one hand, be ready to put in pressure into the lever, and by using your other hand, you need to hold the legs, so they don’t just shoot down.
  • While you are applying the needed pressure into the lever, guide the legs to the ironing board. Ensure that the legs are secured in the leg lock prior to storing your ironing board. Make sure that the legs won’t open and attack you next time you come to use your ironing board.

Essential Pointers When Storing Your Ironing Board 

If you own an ironing board, you will know closing it is not the only concern you have with it. 

Storage is also an important consideration. 

In order to ensure safe and proper storage for your ironing board, the following tips are suggested:

  • Never fold the ironing board just after you have finished ironing. Chances are you might burn yourself because the board may still be hot
  • The legs should be firmly secure. It may shock you if the legs suddenly pop up and this scenario is also very risky 
  • The board must be kept in a place that it won’t fall or slide
  • In case the lever is damaged, make sure to fix the issue as soon as possible

Follow all these steps in folding or closing your ironing board so your board will be protected and kept in top condition. 

This way, you can expect your ironing board to serve you for the longest years. 

Good luck closing them boards 🙂

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