5 Best Clothes Dryers to Splurge on in 2021

Best Clothes Dryers

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What Is The Best Clothes Dryer?

Laundry is one of the most important routines we have in our lives.

Without it, we would not have clean clothes to wear and would roam around looking and smelling terribly. 😁

However, drying can be the most important and trickiest part of the process, requiring a lot of space and special conditions. 

Tumble dryers will solve cramped spaces and humid conditions.

There is a way you can have dry clothes with no hassle.

A clothes dryer machine will simplify your laundry process a great deal.

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However, don’t just buy the first tumble dryer machine you see available on the market.

With my research, I will help you make the perfect buying decision for purchasing the best laundry dryer. 

To make this process easier for you, we have compiled a list of the five best clothes dryers.

Let’s look at them to help you make a buying decision, beneficial in all aspects.

Tumble Dryers Reviewed

COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer, 110V Electric Portable Clothes Dryer with Stainless Steel Tub.

COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer

Product Overview

If there is ever talk about tumble dryers, it would be incomplete without the Costway laundry dryer machine.

It is a one-of-a-kind laundry machine that eases the burden associated with laundry.


Design: This dryer is a superb choice, especially if you live in a small apartment and do not have space to hang your clothes for drying.
Its compact profile makes it a perfect addition for small condos, apartments, dorms, etc.
The compactness facilitates portability, improving functionality.
You can even hang the dryer on the wall or place it on a rack, given its 37.3lbs mass.

Performance: If there’s something that determines whether laundry dryer machines are worth buying, it is their performance.
This dryer has shown exceptional performance, clear from the 850W-powered electric dryer.

Functionality: This COSTWAY Compact Laundry Dryer allows customizing conditions based on the clothes’ material and weight so that they do not lose their color or look worn-out.
There are various settings like cool, warm, anti-wrinkle, hot, air dry, etc. 

Noise: You would expect clothes dryers to make a lot of noise.
However, this is not the case with the Costway laundry dryer, this dryer keeps noise down to a minimum.


⦁ Durability because of the stainless-steel tub

⦁ Great for small spaces

⦁ Multi-operational

⦁ Less hassle 

⦁ Energy-efficient


⦁ Works faster if 5.5 lb. load is used 

⦁ Difficulty in finding a replacement for worn-out parts

Bottom Line

All in all, this is a good purchase given its compactness, functionality, and portability.

Panda 110V Electric Portable Compact Laundry Clothes Dryer.

Panda Tumble Dryer

Product Overview

Panda’s clothes dryer machines are some of the best tumble dryers on the market.

This Panda portable dryer is a perfect choice if you have a small space and need to dry smaller loads.

Its high-powered performance makes it a strong contender on any list of the best laundry dryer machines.


Suitability: The Panda laundry machine will sit perfectly in a small apartment, condo, dorm, and any other small living space.
Its sleek and compact design makes it extremely lightweight, and it does not require much space. 

Small loads: It is suitable for small loads and works extremely well with loads under 5.5 pounds. 

Efficiency: You are making a smart choice if you decide to buy this mini-laundry dryer.
With its lightweight portability, it makes it extremely easy to carry around the dryer when needed.
It has a removable lint filter that filters out any unnecessary gunk, and its energy efficiency makes it a must on your “to buy” list.

User-friendly: It is extremely easy to operate, making the entire laundry experience uncomplicated and stress-free.
Using just one-timer to tune the dryer to a suitable temperature, you can sit back and enjoy.
This portable tumble dryer will do all the work for you.


⦁ Includes wall mounting kit

⦁ Lightweight (around 40 lbs.)

⦁ Wrinkle-free

⦁ Easy to use

⦁ Suitable for compact spaces


⦁ Noise might irritate

⦁ Small capacity

Bottom Line

If you are somebody who has small loads of washing frequently, then you are looking at the right laundry dryer right here.

Panda PAN206ET Electric Portable Compact Cloth Dryer

Panda PAN206ET Dryer

The Panda PAN206ET clothes dryer is a game-changer in the market for laundry dryers.

Its multifunctional operation helps facilitate a user-friendly and stress-free laundry experience without occupying much room.


Small spaces: The best characteristic about this Panda clothes dryer is that it does not require much space at all and is perfect for you if you live in a small space.

Multifunctional: The intelligent dry program and manual time dry program both imbibe functionality into the laundry dryer, making it one of the best tumble dryers for functionality.
With the three temperature settings and adjustable material settings, you can ensure that your clothes are in the best condition and do not experience any damage.

Wrinkle-free: Another noteworthy feature of this Panda dryer is the “wrinkle guard” feature that enables reversal of the tumbling direction.
This ensures that the clothes are not tangled, and wrinkles get reduced to the maximum extent possible.


⦁ Sturdy and durable materials

⦁ Anti-wrinkle

⦁ Delay start provides flexibility

⦁ Three temperature settings

⦁ Removable lint filter

⦁ Energy-efficient


⦁ Longer drying time

⦁ Heavier dryer compared to others

Bottom Line

This is a brilliant choice if you love your electrical appliances to offer you flexibility.

Magic Chef Compact Electric White MCSDRY15W Laundry Dryer.

Magic Chef Compact Electric Laundry Dryer

Product Overview

The Magic Chef clothes dryer has tons of space and will not be a concern for you with this space-saving clothes dryer machine.
This laundry dryer is one of the best ones out there on the market in 2021.


Space-saving design: Its compact profile makes it save space, so it’s a perfect purchase if you want a second dryer or a dryer for your compact living space.

Capacity: It embodies a capacity of 1.5 cubic feet. This capacity allows efficient drying of a load up to 5.5 lbs.

See-through window: The dryer’s see-through window helps you check the progress of the drying process.

Temperature settings: The two temperature settings enable creating appropriate settings for clothes, depending upon the fabric, and it also ensures that the fabric does not lose its shine and quality.


⦁ Anti-wrinkle setting

⦁ Prevents tangles

⦁ Perfect for compact spaces

⦁ Durable material


⦁ Capacity

⦁ Only two temperature settings

Bottom Line

This laundry dryer has only two temperature settings compared to other laundry drying machines.

However, its commitment to fabric protection and care remains superior, so this is a wise purchase.

Panda PAN865W 2.6 cubic ft. Compact Laundry Dryer

Panda PAN865W Laundry Dryer

Product Overview

Panda’s proficiency in the field of laundry dryers is well known to all, and it has once again proven itself with the Panda PAN865W clothes dryer.

With the focus extending beyond the performance to the machine’s visual design, it makes for a great purchase.


Durability: The makers of this laundry dryer use stainless-steel for the dryer drum. This material is highly durable and makes for a reliable purchase when looked at through the cost-benefit lens.

Visual enjoyment: One of the best parts about this Panda laundry dryer is that not only is compactness embodied in its design philosophy, but they have also considered visual aesthetics.
The streamlined body makes it a visual treat and it will gel well with other appliances in your home or dorm without taking up much room.

Ease of installation: You can easily install it in several ways, like stacking, placing it side by side, or mounting it on a wall.


⦁ User-friendly 

⦁ Touch screen panel

⦁ Intelligent humidity sensor

⦁ Child safety lock

⦁ Eye-pleasing design

⦁ Impressive performance

⦁ Multi-layered filter


⦁ Can be a little loud

⦁ Longer drying duration

Bottom Line

While noise can be a problem, its functionality is noteworthy.

The humidity sensor, child safety lock, etc., are all novel features not found in other tumble dryers.

Why Buy a Tumble Dryer?

You may think that you can do without a laundry dryer, however, you need to remember that despite the lack of talk around laundry dryer machines, the work they do is vital, if not most important, to the entire process of doing laundry.

Clothes dryers today are not overly noisy or unattractive.

They are sleek, noise-controlled, and energy-efficient, and this makes them more desirable; therefore, laundry dryers will change your life even though you may not know it yet.

What To Know Before Buying a Laundry Dryer?

Make a note of these points before you make your final purchase.

⦁ When it comes to the five best clothes dryers mentioned above, you need to ensure that the one you buy is the one that best fulfils your needs. 

⦁ If capacity is the overriding priority, make sure the one you choose has ample space for a heavy load. If space is a concern, then make sure that it has a space-saving design.

⦁ Installation is another important criterion. Make sure that the laundry dryer can be installed in many ways.

⦁ Finding the best laundry dryer requires research. Read about its features, plus points, downsides, and reviews of actual users to gain better insights.

The space-saving laundry dryers mentioned above accommodate the needs of various types.

Let your budget guide the final decision.

I hope this tumble dryer guide has helped your decision making process.

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